Picks of Black & White

Picks of Black & White

Item 1:
Mia Lace Up Shoes / Monki 
 'Taking the term pearly-white to a whole new dimension! These shoes are classy, kicks for casual chicks'. 

As a lover of all things black and white especially white, this is pearly-white. These shoes can be worn with funky fun socks cause the white creates a foundation to show those great socks. Plus the price is not too out there either.
Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack in Black
Item 2:
Pop Quiz Backpack / Herschel Supply Co.

I think personally that a great backpack is always good cause carrying handbags / sidebags all the time can be quite straining. Also proves that backpacks are not always for the little schoolkids.

I love the structure and just the wholeness of the bag and hopefully, when I have time I'll be able to purchase it. As you do... 

Item 3:
Roshe Run / Nike
I just really want the shoes, might make want to go out and do sports more... 

Item 4:
Messenger Bag with Metallic Details / Zara

(Unfortunately the item was not available when attempting to make a link so...) This one of my picks because there are not many messenger bags that I like so this is a special one, also the pure white throughout just caught my eye because you know I like white.  

*It's been a long time since because of the exams, stress of life in general. So since it's the February half term in like two days I will be more active and more posts will be coming your way.



Black White Trainers

Daytona Top / Rag & Bone

Black White Trainers

Outfit 1:
 Petite Naples Skort / Topshop
Air Max 90 CMFT Premium Tape / Nike 

Outfit 2:
Rita Trousers / Monki
Mix Tape Monk Shoes / ASOS 

Outfit 3:
High Waisted Skirt / DSquared2
  Old Skool Shoes / Vans


Tumblr Mash


~ Kanye West
I believe in this quote a lot.tigers-vibe:


Miami 1


zara spring/summer 2014 ad campaign by patrick demarchelier.


~ Tony Gaskins

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Photo by George Valdez

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Spring Summer 14


Hello. So far I've just been in awe of Jil Sanders work, well since for a long time and now I just wanted to to show you some of my favourite picks of the Spring/Summer 2014.

Is it too early to be thinking about Spring/Summer 2014?


The Shades of Black and Grey

The Shades of Black and Grey

Hey there; here is a styling/collage I am very to present you. So the main feature of the styling [collage] is the sheer organza dress from Givenchy. I think this item is so beautiful that it requires very minimal effort to make it your best outfits of all time. Of course if you don't want to be bearing it all I will have a list of bralets/tops that can be worn with the beautiful outfits.

So outfit one from the left is very classical in terms of that it can be easily identified with sophistication with the sharp slimming trousers from Toast. In many ways I would love to dress down these pair of trousers but I can't always do that. The general look of the handle (feel/texture) of the trousers it's definitely going to be a staple for your work attire.

The last item is the silver shiny pair of shoes or sandals to be specific from ASOS to add a little glitz and glamour if you're that type of girl. The shoes are very simple and can be easily worn to night out or any other formal event.

Image 2 of ANKLE SANDAL-BOOT from Zara
 From the second outfit styling features the stretch-crepe maxi skirt from Maison Martin Margiela (long and beautiful name) as a lover of all thing minimalism the relations of colour will make the outfit more beautiful and flow more beautifully.

The 'Ankle Sandal Boot' from Zara is wonderfully minimalistic - the gorgeous simplicity makes the emphasis on shape and more importantly comfort. Awesome. The shoes also add a dimension of masculinity in the outfit and is also able to be suited for the more formal event with just a classic change of shoes.

The third outfit is way more casual than the other two, which is my favourite outfit out of the three. Features the classic black leggings where I think that we can all relate to; if really wanna know where you want to get some you can get from H&M but really I shouldn't be telling you this.

And lastly I love the Nike trainers which I found on ASOS and I would love to get my hands on these very soon. The combo of trainers [sneakers] is very common especially with teenagers etc. but it's slightly dressed up with a sheer dress which not many can just wear and go out with.

Okay, so enough about me just talking; heres the list of tops/bralets I promised at the beginning of the post:

Cameo Rose Black Leather-Look Strapless Bralet / New Look
Lazer Cut Crop / Topshop 
Tube Top / Acne 






Items I'm Loving

First off all sorry for the inconsistency, but on a good note - here are some of the items on the web right now that I would love to get my hands into. (Like the way my text is on the right?)
First Item:
Lana Blazer / Monki

I love the simple structure of the jacket - which definitely caught my eye.

*As you main know by the general theme of my blog - it's quite minimalistic.

This large blazer also gives a feel as though it's quite vintage in aspects that quite a while ago only the majority of the men wore these types of outwear.

If you wanted to know/ be nosey, I would personally style this with blazer with a slim long midi black skirt with the hem line just being above the blazers. Also for the top I would also go for the black and go for a minimalistic structured top and keep the shoes. Cause they're awesome.

Second Item:
Silk Top / Alexander Wang

I've used this product in my previous collage; link here where I posted three styling choices. It's gorgeous and I love the way it's versatile and can be worn for nearly every season - if you're like me and like to save money apart from throwing clothes out every season for the sake of the trends... Back on track so for me, there is no need really show what I would style it with because it's shown in the previous post - hope you click there.

Third Item:
Jane Leather Sandals / Saint Laurent 

Even though some of us are freezing our toes off, the shops are getting reading for Spring/Summer 2014 and we're still loving sandals. Especially the ones that resemble the 'barely there sandals'. It's now a staple like a denim jacket or a LBD and it's awesome. Can be dressed down with casual jeans and skirt / dressed up with [how about] a slimming LBD (preferably in black for me) with a slit on the side. If it's pricey (of course it is) I've looked up some alternatives in Topshop, River Island and ASOS that are a lot less cheaper but still brilliant: choice one, choice two, choice three and choice four.

Fourth Item:
Selma Large Black Leather Tote Bag / Michael Kors

What more can I say? It's fabulous. Massive staple for your wardrobe: a black bag or should I say BB - nah, that sounds weird.