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First off all sorry for the inconsistency, but on a good note - here are some of the items on the web right now that I would love to get my hands into. (Like the way my text is on the right?)
First Item:
Lana Blazer / Monki

I love the simple structure of the jacket - which definitely caught my eye.

*As you main know by the general theme of my blog - it's quite minimalistic.

This large blazer also gives a feel as though it's quite vintage in aspects that quite a while ago only the majority of the men wore these types of outwear.

If you wanted to know/ be nosey, I would personally style this with blazer with a slim long midi black skirt with the hem line just being above the blazers. Also for the top I would also go for the black and go for a minimalistic structured top and keep the shoes. Cause they're awesome.

Second Item:
Silk Top / Alexander Wang

I've used this product in my previous collage; link here where I posted three styling choices. It's gorgeous and I love the way it's versatile and can be worn for nearly every season - if you're like me and like to save money apart from throwing clothes out every season for the sake of the trends... Back on track so for me, there is no need really show what I would style it with because it's shown in the previous post - hope you click there.

Third Item:
Jane Leather Sandals / Saint Laurent 

Even though some of us are freezing our toes off, the shops are getting reading for Spring/Summer 2014 and we're still loving sandals. Especially the ones that resemble the 'barely there sandals'. It's now a staple like a denim jacket or a LBD and it's awesome. Can be dressed down with casual jeans and skirt / dressed up with [how about] a slimming LBD (preferably in black for me) with a slit on the side. If it's pricey (of course it is) I've looked up some alternatives in Topshop, River Island and ASOS that are a lot less cheaper but still brilliant: choice one, choice two, choice three and choice four.

Fourth Item:
Selma Large Black Leather Tote Bag / Michael Kors

What more can I say? It's fabulous. Massive staple for your wardrobe: a black bag or should I say BB - nah, that sounds weird.

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