Picks of Black & White

Picks of Black & White

Item 1:
Mia Lace Up Shoes / Monki 
 'Taking the term pearly-white to a whole new dimension! These shoes are classy, kicks for casual chicks'. 

As a lover of all things black and white especially white, this is pearly-white. These shoes can be worn with funky fun socks cause the white creates a foundation to show those great socks. Plus the price is not too out there either.
Herschel Supply Co. Pop Quiz Backpack in Black
Item 2:
Pop Quiz Backpack / Herschel Supply Co.

I think personally that a great backpack is always good cause carrying handbags / sidebags all the time can be quite straining. Also proves that backpacks are not always for the little schoolkids.

I love the structure and just the wholeness of the bag and hopefully, when I have time I'll be able to purchase it. As you do... 

Item 3:
Roshe Run / Nike
I just really want the shoes, might make want to go out and do sports more... 

Item 4:
Messenger Bag with Metallic Details / Zara

(Unfortunately the item was not available when attempting to make a link so...) This one of my picks because there are not many messenger bags that I like so this is a special one, also the pure white throughout just caught my eye because you know I like white.  

*It's been a long time since because of the exams, stress of life in general. So since it's the February half term in like two days I will be more active and more posts will be coming your way.


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